Vendor of the Week

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Vendor of the Week #1

In honor of Double Decker coming up soon in April, Visit Oxford will be showcasing a vendors each week to give a much anticipated preview of the artwork and goods that will be at Double Decker. This week, Visit Oxford spoke with Olivia Mitchell about her paintings and inspiration:

Visit Oxford: So tell us about your paintings!

Olivia Mitchell: I started the summer after my freshman year. My little business has kept growing with each year & I plan to paint on the side even after graduation in the spring!
VO: That’s great!

VO: Where do find inspiration for your paintings?

OM: Everywhere! Sometimes i’ll like the color combo of an outfit I put together & then want to paint an abstract in those colors.. or when I’m home, I pass a bunch of cows in a field on the way to my house, so I started painting cows!

VO: How fun! What encouraged you to start selling your artwork ?

OM: I posted a few pics of the first pieces I had done on FaceBook & people started showing interest in purchasing them so we got in touch & It all started from there!

Make sure to look for Olivia at Double Decker on April 24-25! To see more of Olivia’s works, visit her Instagram @oliviamitchell_art! Check back next week to see who our next Vendor of the Week will be!

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