Recruitment Gifts 2017

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*Sunday September 17 – Sunday September 24*

Greek Formal Recruitment is just around the corner! It’s an exciting week and the time between now and Bid Day will fly by. If you have a loved one going through recruitment, this is the time she needs some extra love and encouragement! Stores like Katherine Beck, Olive Juice Gifts, Oxford Floral and The Lily Pad are perfect for gifting during rush.

Recruitment week happies are a great way to wish your loved ones luck during the week! Whether it’s jewelry, flowers, or an Ole Miss happy, these sweet gestures are great to let your daughter/granddaughter/niece/cousin know you’re thinking of her during Recruitment. Good luck happies are delivered to the dorms during the week of Sunday, September 17th through Saturday, September 23rd.   

Bid Day baskets done by stores in Oxford are a very popular gift to celebrate your girl’s new letters. It’s also a great way for her to stock up on some new Greek gear! Baskets usually run $350+ but can be customized to your budget. Baskets can be ordered online or on the phone.They’re even delivered straight to the house on Bid Night and the following Monday!

So, if you’re considering sending a happy or a Bid Day basket to your loved one, check out Katherine Beck, Olive Juice Gifts, The Lily Pad, and Oxford Floral.

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