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Vendor of the Week #3 This week’s Vendor of the Week is Raina Hampton! A second year vendor at the Double Decker Arts Festival, Raina answered a few questions about her artwork that will be at booth #67.


How did you begin painting and selling your pieces?

My degree is in interior design so I took a lot of art classes in college from that. I just started painting and people liked them, and then I started selling here. I sold pieces through word of mouth and a couple stores in town started selling my stuff. I never dreamed I would be doing this.


What is your favorite medium to work with?

Acrylic, that’s all I use.


Where does your inspiration come from?

Mostly natures, and I paint a lot of abstracted landscapes. I paint of a lot of birds. I like painting God’s creations and I get to take stuff He’s created and paint that. I use a lot of perspective and I play with that. Other artists inspire me too. I love looking at other makers and creators and looking at their stuff.


What is your favorite subject to paint?

Nature, bird, and landscapes.


What are you most looking forward to about being a vendor at Double Decker this year?

Well I did it last year and it was one of the most fun days ever. I just met so many people and that’s my favorite part- meeting people and talking to people. Creating art I’m alone a lot so its fun to mix that and show off in these places. It such a fun day of people coming all day long! I actually didn’t eat last year cause I was talking so much! It’s just the best day.


Where do you find inspiration from scenery in Oxford?

I’ll drive down highway 7 when the cotton fields are blooming sometimes. There’s these lake that have really tall pine trees all around them, that remind me of aspen trees in colorado, and they kinda have the same shape.


What’s your favorite painting you’ve done?

Honestly its one I kept, I couldn’t sell it. It’s birds on a wire. It came from one of my favorite books; the author talks about living above the line and talks about peace, and the birds remind me of that.



Find Raina and her work on Facebook, Raina Hampton Artist.


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